Shallow Fried Colocasia Tuber (Maaddi Phodi)

maaddi phodi

Many tubers are used in Indian cuisine. They are full of carbohydrates and are easily digestible. Yam or suranagadde is known to many people. Maaddi – tuber from colocasia plant is the other popular tuber available here. This is a type of colocasia with slightly darker and thicker leaves. It is usually available after the rainy season or early winter. Farmers dig out the tubers when the leaves of the plant dry up. There are many verities of maddis – small and large sized ones. The portion connected to the leaves is soft and is used to prepare phodis. Rest of it is harder and is used to prepare bharth and randayi(sidedish). Many people use the leaves to prepare pathrode, alavatti or venti ganti)randayi.

Maaddi slices
Chilli powder

Peel off the skin of maddi and make slices of the size of 3/4 cms thickness. Put them under water for about ten minutes.Remove them from water and sprinkle salt and asafoetida. Keep them aside for 10 – 15 minutes.
On a different plate, mix rava, chilly powder and besan. Roll the maaddi pieces in this mixture and put on the hot frying pan.
Spread 1-2 tea spn oil and cover the lid, let them cook. When they are fried, turn them upside down.
sprinkle some water and fry further.

PS: Some people get itching after touching the maddi. Before touching water, wash your hands with tamarind water. The portion of Maddi attached to the leaves is soft and should be used to prepare phodis.

Pictorial:maaddi phodi1

maaddi phodi2

maaddi phodi3

maaddi phodi4

maaddi phodi5

maaddi phodi


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