Sanjuri/Sanjori (Sheerachi Poli)

5 years ago, aayi gave me this recipe and I wrote it down on my diary to make it sometime. Every time I would look at it and think about trying it sometime. Somehow I never got to it. 2 years ago, she posted it with beautiful pictures. I thought of making it and again, never got to it, but it was always on the back of my mind.

Like every Diwali, this year also, I was feeling very homesick. I kept on thinking aayi would have made this for me, made that for me. Pappa would have put on lights, bring fire-crackers and so on. I was so busy with work, home and a very active baby, who by the way, has just started crawling. Yesterday, finally I gave in and decided to make something so that it would atleast feel like festival. First thing that came to my mind was this sweet. So after work, I made these.

Sanjuri/Sanjori are polis(sweet stuffed flat breads) with a stuffing of sheera. Even though they are not as popular as puran polis at our place, they are quite popular. The outer covering is usually made with maida, but I mixed whole wheat flour(atta) and maida like carrot poli (Thanks Aruna for that tip). I used more maida and less wheat flour because I wanted to get very thin outer covering.

Ingredients (for the cover) :
1 cup all purpose flour/ maida
1 tbl spn warm oil + 1 tea spn oil (optional)
1/2 cup wheat flour
A pinch salt

Mix wheat flour and maida, add warm oil (this makes the outer covering crispy when fried), salt, water and make a dough (like a chapathi dough). Apply remaining oil to the dough, knead it well and keep it aside for about 15-30mins.

Ingredients (for dough):
1 cup sooji / rava
1 cup sugar
2 tbl sps ghee
1/2 tea spn cardamom powder

Roast sooji till a nice aroma comes out of it.
Heat ghee and add roasted sooji and fry for few more minutes. Add 2 cups water, cover and cook till it is cooked. Add sugar and mix well. Keep mixing till the sheera is done. Add cardamom powder and mix. Let it cool a bit.

Making polis:
Take a small ball of the outer covering, and a ball of stuffing. (Outer covering about 3/4th size of stuffing). Flatten the outer covering and keep the stuffing ball on it. Cover the outer covering around the stuffing. Roll it into a poli. Heat tava, roast the polis from both sides applying some ghee. Serve hot.

Makes about 12 polis


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