Revisiting the recipe

Chiroti is made in special occasions at our native, but we prepared it whenever we wanted. These are liked by people who are not very fond of sweets and also by sweet lovers. These days people have stopped making them at home because of the work involved. These are readily available in shops at our place. But I prefer home made chirotis.

We call this dish Chiroti, it is also called Phenori. I usually prefer frying it in Vanaspati ghee(hydrgenated vegetable oil) which makes them very crispy and also gives a nice aroma. If it is not available, ghee can be used. These can also be deep fried in oil, but we feel ghee/vanaspati ghee gives a better taste. You can also use Crisco Shortening (in US) which makes them very crispy.

1 cup maida or all purpose flour
2 tea spns rice flour
2 tea spns vanaspati(Dalda)
A pinch salt
3/4 cup sugar powder
1/2 tea spn cardamom powder
Vanaspati(dalda) for deep frying
1 tea spn ghee

Mix flours, salt and vanaspathi. Add sufficient water to make a dough like puri dough. Keep aside the dough for about 1 hr.
Mix sugar and cardamom in another dish. Keep it aside.
Make 7 small balls (chapati ball size) from the dough. Roll out into very thin chapathis.
Keep one chapati on a flat board. Apply a bit of ghee on the chapati, sprinkle 1/4 tea spn of maida(or all purpose flour) on it. Keep the next chapati on the first one, keep the second chapati slightly down, it should not cover the full chapati. Repeat the procedure to stack up all 7.
Roll the chapathis into a tight roll(do not apply pressure).
Cut the roll into around 2 and 1/2 inches pieces.
Take one piece, with the help of rolling pin, roll it into small circles. Take extra care at this stage. It should NOT be rolled like normal puri. Roll from center to the side, from all sides. All the layers should be clearly visible.
Heat vanaspathi in a pan. Deep fry the chirotis on a medium flame. While frying, slightly press the chirotis on the layers so as to make the layers separate a bit (do not apply pressure). Take out on a clean kitchen towel.
Spread sugar mixture on the fried chiroti while they are still hot.
Store it in a dry, airtight container. This remains good atleast for 15days(if stored in a dry place).

Makes 10-11 chirotis
Preparation time : 45mins


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