How to make Soft and Puffed Puris / Pooris

Who doesn’t like to make soft and puffed puris? Here are few tips which can be followed to make perfect puris. Follow any one of them most suitable for you.

  • Puri dough should be made little harder than chapathi dough. This prevents puri from retaining more oil when it is deep fried. Also once dough is prepared, make the puris immediately. I always follow this method and they always turn out perfect. They don’t even soak any oil.
  • Do not stack the puris one above the other after rolling them (before frying).
  • Mix 1 cup of milk and 1-2 tea spns of sooji(rava) with wheat flour while making the puri dough. Keep the dough aside for sometime. Make puris.
  • Mix a little sugar and rice flour with wheat flour while preparing the dough. Make puris.
  • Prepare puri dough with milk instead of water. Make puris.
  • Add one or two drops of red vinegar to oil while frying puris.

Please click here for detailed puri tutorial.

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