Grilled Spinach Salmon

Finally we have started using salmon regularly. I have been cooking it with slight modifications every time. We love grilled salmon with different spices. This is one such recipe I tried recently. It tasted great.

18oz salmon fillet
Olive oil

Spinach paste (Make a paste of following) -
3/4 cup chopped spinach
1 tea spn ginger
1 tea spn garlic
4 green chillies
3 cloves
1″ cinnamon
1 tbl spn lemon juice

Apply the paste to salmon piece and keep it aside for about an hour.
Heat a grill pan (or outdoor grill), spread some olive oil. Grill the salmon till done (I remove the skin after one side is done, like I did for this recipe).
Serve hot.

Serves : 1-2
Preparation time : 20mins


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