Methi chicken

methi chicken

It is very rare to get good Indian food here. We have many Indian restaurants, but food quality is very inconsistent. If we like the food once and go there hoping for good food, we get totally disappointed next time. Recently V took me to a restaurant which I never had been before. I had heard some bad reviews about this one, so I was not very keen. But he kept on insisting. Well, I was really bowled over by the flavors. They had one of the best butter chickens I have tasted in US. Another dish I loved most was their Methi chicken. I kept on eating till I could not take in one more morsel of food. I was back in this restaurant within one week with my colleagues and they enjoyed the food too. The thing I loved most about these dishes was – they didn’t have cream in them(even if they had, it was not overpowering). I don’t like creamy-gooey curries served in restaurants here.

Now, I had that methi chicken taste lingering in my mouth. I had to try recreating it at home. It was not exactly like the one we tasted at the restaurant, but very very flavorful. One of my best experiments, I must say. The taste kept on increasing as time passed. The aroma is so intoxicating. Give it a try and you will love it.

0.6 lb (0.27kgs) chicken
1 tea spn ginger-garlic paste
1 and 1/2 cups chopped tomato
1 cup roughly chopped onion + 1/2 cup finely chopped onion
2 tbl spn finely chopped fresh/frozen methi(fenugreek) leaves
1 tea spn chilli powder
Spices –
4 cloves
1″ cinnamon
1/2 tea spn poppy seeds(khus khus)
1/4 tea spn methi seeds
1/2 tea spn coriander seeds
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds

Apply ginger-garlic paste to chicken pieces and keep them aside.
Heat oil and all the spices. Take care not to burn any of them.
Add 1 cup roughly chopped onion and fry till they turn brownish. Now add tomatoes, salt, chilli powder. Cook till tomatoes are tender. Grind to a smooth paste.
Heat oil and add finely chopped onion. Add chicken pieces and methi leaves. Fry for about 2 mins.
Now add the ground paste. Cook till completely done. If required, add water to bring to required consistency.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 20mins

PS: Increase onions, tomatoes for more gravy.

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