Cake decorating FGP – cake 3

In May,I had joined Fondant and Gum Paste class. I didn’t know what a gum paste or fondant is before joining this course. After I finished my course-1 and course-2, I directly joined this course and skipped course-3. This course turned out to be a bit disappointing for me initially because I always love to do things from scratch and this course does not teach how to make these two kind of icings at home. My main concern was how to make these when I return to India in future. I think these ready made stuff might not be available there. But since I wanted to do all courses, I joined anyway.

This is more expensive than other classes. I forgot to take a cake for class-1. Then in class-2, I had hard time rolling fondant because it gets too hard very soon. I missed class-3 because I had to plan for our long weekend trip. When it was time for class-4, I thought I had lost this whole course. I was very busy that day and I thought of missing it again. But last moment, I decided I had to go for this class.

This class was amazing. The final cake turned out to be very good. To start with, Barbara was very happy that I returned to the class. I absolutely love this lady, so I was happy when she showed happiness for seeing me. She said I can attend class-3 with the next group of students. The fondant was in perfect shape this time, since I had all the things like shortening etc to keep it from drying. I had missed the fondant coating on the base because of less time, but I did all other decorations.

I added some extra violet flowers on it and Barbara said those flowers looked very good on it.

Other pleasant surprise was, Barbara gifted me a book ‘Cupcake fun’. It has some amazing pictures and ideas for cupcake decorating. Barbara said it is for being “such a good student”. That made my day :).

When I reached home and showed it to my husband, he simply loved it. He even wanted to take a video of it. He spent a lot of time to make a video of it. I will upload it soon.

Here is the video my husband created. When he saw the cake, he was all excited and wanted to take a helicopter view of the cake :). We don’t have a camcorder, so he took this from our old digital camera. His excitement gives me a lot of encouragement to continue on my hobbies. This video is nothing special, but it shows his excitement. So I thought of posting it here.


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