Sleeping Baby Under Blanket – Baby Shower Cake

sleeping baby under blanket1

We had a surprise baby shower for a friend today. She is having her second baby next month. We decided to have a potluck at another friend’s house. It was a great get together with lot of fun and laughter and great food. I made this cake and ragda patties for the party.

Like always, I was pretty nervous when I started this cake. This is the very first baby shower cake I made. The cake became a little hard, I am still trying to figure out what made it hard – I think it may be due to the old baking powder I used. But nobody seemed to mind it, they all loved the cake.

I wanted to make the decorations with the modeling chocolate (like the eyes for cookie monster cake), but somehow it kept falling apart and I could not make the figures with it. So I made marshmellow fondant for the very first time. It tasted much better than the store bought fondant. It is so easy to make it at home and it gives a very fine finish. So I think I will be using it for all my cakes hereafter!.

I initially made the blanket in white color with blue dots. But when I put the cake saver cover on top, I think the top got stuck to blanket :(. So when I tried to open the cover, the baby and blanket came with it!. I should have been more careful. So I changed it to blue blanket with white flowers. I also added some shoes and a teddy bear made with fondant.

Here are the details of the cake with some useful links. I could not take step by step pictures as I was running short on time.
The cake was prepared using the simple egg cake recipe.
In between the layer, used whipped cream and spread some pineapple pieces(1 can of pineapple tidbits) on it. Used the juice from the can to soak the cake.
Used store bought (Wilton’s) butter icing to cover the cake. Then mixed baby blue color in the remaining buttercream for the basket weave (basketweave technique).
Made marshmellow fondant (click for recipe here) with half a pack of marshmellows. A lot remained. So I think only 1/4 the pack was enough for these decorations. Color the fondant with blue color.
I referred this video to make the baby.

sleeping baby under blanket2

sleeping baby under blanket3

sleeping baby under blanket1

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