Rice roti (Alayle pita rotti)

The process of cooking the flour in hot water is called Alayle. Flour is called as Peet. This special kind of roti is my all time favorite breakfast. This is a bit difficult to make initially but with practice, it can be easily mastered. Aayi’s rottis come out perfectly soft and circular. I have practiced it a lot, though initially it was a failure, I could master it after few days.

This is usually served for breakfast at my home with different sides like Vayngana nonche, Masoori bhaji, Almbe ambat, losney chutney, Engayi etc. Whatever is the side dish, these rotis make a heavenly and filling breakfast.

2 cups rice flour
2 cups water

Add salt to water and bring it to boil (Use a thick bottomed vessel). Then slowly add rice flour mixing it continuously. Heat till there is no water & the flour is of chapathi dough consistency.
Make small balls from the dough. Knead well. On a plastic sheet, spread some dry flour. Keep the ball on it and roll with rolling pin. Apply as much dough as required.
Fry on both sides on a hot tava. Apply ghee.

Serves : 4
Preparation time : 30min

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